02/05/2019-【PRODUCT NOTICE】 HDR series

Dear Valued customers,Good day!


We are pleased to inform we have launched new line-up for “HDR” series.

New Model HDR had developed as DB structure of LM Guide Model HSR.

By DB structure, easy use of ball guide and high Mc moment rigidity can be realized.



Equal load rating in 4 directions

Equal load rating in 4 directions as balls are contacting  at 45 °angle, 

so suitable for any kind of applications as versatility guide.

Global standard dimension

Same dimension with model HSR (full ball type) which is global standard

as THK developed at first in the world.

High Mc moment rigidity

High Mc moment rigidity is realized by DB structure. 

Suitable for single axis use such as Mc moment is applied.


Free combination of rail and block.


Should you have further information/clarifications, please feel free to contact us.