High-speed serial communication Motionnet "Functional Extension LSI G9006" released!

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High-speed serial communication Motionnet Functional Extension LSI G9006 released!


1. High-speed serial communication Motionnet "Functional Extension LSI G9006" released!

In June, we launched a new "Functional Extension LSI:G9006," a new LSI for building Motionnet systems.

The high-speed serial communication "Motionnet" is a total communication system based on our proprietary G9000 Series-dedicated LSIs which can be remotely operated not only for input/output control and motor control, but also for CPU emulation and message communication that utilizes high-speed performance.
New G9006 are added to the lineup, making Motionnet easier to use and more accessible!

◆ Features
G9006 is an LSI for expanding new functions over conventional Motionnet systems.
・ Ultra-compact 7 x 7 mm package
・ In the local operation mode for communication, cyclic communication of up to 32 bytes can be realized.
・ In monitor operation mode for monitoring only, device No. assignment is not required.
・ Equipped with interrupt request function to local CPU and one-shot signal output function from pins

◆ Composition
Although this LSI is used for I/O communication as shown in G9002A, there are no general-purpose port pins for inputting and outputting port information.
Instead, a local CPU connected by a 4-wire serial bus manages the port information.
(Data communication is not supported.)
In addition, port information of all local LSI exchanged by cyclic messages is stored in the I/O memory.
The analog IC can be easily connected to the front of the local CPU.
Easy connection of analog ICs Data handled by analog ICs is automatically transmitted by cyclic messages.
The local CPU performs only the initial setting of the communication function, and does not consider communication control afterwards.
For this reason, it can be dedicated to controlling analog ICs.
In addition, a variety of extended functions can be provided as applications.




2. Motionnet is so great!

With the release of G9006, a local device for Motionnet, we will introduce Motionnet, a serial communication system developed by Nippon Pulse Motor Co., Ltd.

◆ 1. Easy to use! Easy to connect! Easy to develop!
Motionnet can be connected to any motors of any brand,
No licensing is required, so the hurdle of introduction is very low and development can be done easily.

◆ 2. Motor control for up to 64 axes
With Motionnet broadcast communication function, 64-axis motors are simultaneously started with no delay time.
For details, refer to the 64-axis control demonstration movie.

◆ 3. Wide lineup
There are seven models of dedicated LSIs, a center board, and 26 models of various local boards, and we have a broad lineup of products.
For more information, see: List of Motionnet Production Literature

If you have any questions or request, please contact us.