《Product Change Notice 》

Following product change will be implemented to improve the performance and quality of the product.


01/09/2016 - THK Update

Replacement data Model NRS/NR To Model NRS-X/NR-X

1. Preface
Model NRS-X/NR-X is full ball type of caged LM Guide, model SVS/SVR and new model of Model NRS/NR

Model NRS/NR, super heavy load type had developed in 1994 for machine tools. After that for super heavy caged ball model SNS/SNR had developed for machine tools application, then model SVS/SVR had been developed under hash environment to improve the performance of protection. Full ball type, Model NRS-X/NR-X is a new product inheriting from the high performance of protection of model SVS/SVR.

Miniture Ball Spline LT-X

Achieves Compact Design, High Rigidity, and Long Life.

LT-X uses a new calculation method employing end caps and four row of circular arc grooves (raceways) to enable and smooth motion with small rolling resistance fluctuation when compared to THK’s conventional LT(*1).

The New circulation method, which makes the compact size possible, achieves a substantially smaller diameter than THK’s conventional LT.

Please kindly find the attachment files and be reminded again that the following models are going to be discontinued on end of June 2012 as a minor model change as we have already informed before.

Machine Tools LM guides
Previous model: SNS/SNR models
Current model: SVS/SVR models

Basically the calculation method of load rating was revised and we made some improvement on the performance however, basic functions remind the same or even improved.

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