Akribis is a Latinized Greek word that means Precision. On the logo, the letter “ a ” is formed by a line and a circle, representing linear and rotary motions. These are supported by a tetrahedron structure, the same structure as the diamond crystal which has many exceptional physical properties. The logo signifies that Akribis Systems is committed in providing customers with precise motion control systems, supported by its firm foundation and sound engineering expertise.


The Fastest Direct Drive Rotary Motor



 High torque, low rotor inertia

 No back iron in rotor

 Excellent dynamic performance


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Coreless Direct Drive Rotary Motor


 Direct drive, zero cogging coreless motor

 Encoder options of SINCOS or digital

 Precise homing through index pulse

 Fast response and settling

 Smooth motion even at low speeds (low velocity ripple)

Rectangular/Voice Coil Actuators


 Direct drive, zero cogging, zero backlash voice coil motors

 Low coil mass with very fast response and bandwidth

 No contact between coil and core movement (no wear and tear)

 Smooth motion at low speeds with limitless resolution (depends on feedback device)

Miniature Guides Voice Motor Modules





 Direct Drive

 zero cogging and backlash ironless linear motor actuator

 Stroke from 15mm to 25mm

 Miniature linear guidance rails

 Suitable for high speed and acceleration applications

 Smooth motion even at low speeds(low velocity ripple)

Ironless Brushless Linear Motor



Ironless technology

 Zero cogging force

 Patented technology

 Ironless linear motors with the highest motor constant and shortest coils lengths

 Large continuous force and peak force

Iron CoreBrushless Motor



Iron core technology

 Low cogging force

 Integrated with hall sensors

 High force and stiffness

Custom Stages



We design and make custom stages according to your specific requirements. Please
contact us for more information.


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